After the daily stress, work routine and recurrent nervous breakdowns, our body not only asks, but simply requires the physical and spiritual recovery. Sauna (Russian Bath) in the guest house "Rudzupuķes" will be able to balance your general well-being while having heart-to-heart conversations with your friends. The beneficial effect of the bath and sauna on human health is worth mentioning. The guest house sauna "Rudzupuķes" will help to purify of toxins, improve circulation and strengthen the immune system.

Sauna in the guest house "Rudzupuķes" has additional advantages, namely:
-convenient location of the guest house and the availability of parking;
-Bath (sauna) is equipped and designed for small companies from 2 to 15 people;
-there is always an opportunity to use a bar, a café and banquet hall of the guest house;
-rooms availability eliminates the need to rush home and allows to have parties, banquets and corporate parties in the guest house.

PRICE (payment for the time, not the number of guests):

120, - EUR for whole day

Whisk - 3, - EUR
Aromatic oil and masks - 3, - EUR
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